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When someone has a problem, a challenge, a concern or an issue, it takes up mental shelf space and takes away from the energy of living. It may be about finding the right career, having difficult choices to make, or just an uncomfortable situation they do not know how to resolve. Sometimes it is feeling lost, stuck or unfocused.

The behavior in finding a solution has a lot to do with motivations, especially if there are internal conflicts. It may manifest as confusion, procrastination, indecisiveness, or simply making a decision that may cause regret.

Our practitioners help individuals, teams/groups and organizations, see what the 9 dimensions of motivations look like, at this time, for the individual or the collective. The result of this simple 12-minute affective assessment can literally make the invisible visible, as they debrief the report.

Here is what our clients have to say

“I found that the motivational factor is often forgotten from many of the assessment in psychometric assessment process. Although most of the assessment are focus on the emotional, personality and skills set of a person, it often ignores the fact that motivation is one of the most important aspect in a person success. After taking this motivational assessment, I knew and learned a lot about myself and how to keep myself motivated in the work that I’m doing. Moreover, this motivational assessment, may give an edge to company in determining their employees for their comparing to the culture and the nature of the job given by the company. I truly recommend that everyone had a chance to take this self-assessment for themselves as a self-discovery tools and learn what their dominant motivation and values, in order to help them excel in their job, career and personal life.” Ricky Antonio BBA (Hons), MBA, MScIB

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) , Mindzzle (developing integrated Human Capital)

“I was amazed at the insight and depth of the Motivational Map. It’s an amazing tool. Being able to measure and affirm what really drives me and identify potential challenges in my work and my relationships with others is gold. Thanks, Akeela!” Jason Reid

Speech Coach, Power Master Story

Courageous Business Culture did an incredible job gathering information on our employee engagement and interpreting it into extremely useful information that has had an immediate impact on our how we manage our organization. Equally impressive was the feedback process provided to individual staff members which is helping them understand how to achieve the best rewards from their work here. I am certain that the collective insights gained will help shape a successful organizational culture.

Jeff Norris, MBA, CFRE

President and CEO, Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation

“I had the great pleasure of using MAP to assess my current motivation with my business.  I was astounded at how easy and accurate it was. It is definitely a tool that I would consider using with my own clients to determine their underlying motivation” A very useful tool!” Liz Scott

Affinity Coach Consulting

“Most psychometric assessments I’ve done were geared towards painting a fairly generic picture of your personality. Motivational map on the other hand, addresses the actual pain points related directly to personal performance. It is a truly unique tool useful for both organizations and individuals.” Thomas Liu

Consultant, Spec-Deas HR Consulting

I found that the Motivational Map very accurately identified my chief motivators, and then measured my satisfaction in each one.  This combination of information would be very useful in working with teams to help them better allocate work responsibilities in order to increase both motivation and engagement. Anne Comer

Team Coach, Comerexchange, Toronto

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