Our North American Mappers

We are proud to have been accredited for every level of Adult Motivational Maps®

As the premier distributor and accreditation body for Motivational Maps® in Canada and the US. Combining this unique and germane (in our world of fast change) tool, with our level of Map knowledge, broad based business experience, and the thought leadership inherent in the ability to recognize and exploit trends, positions our graduates to be impactful to the clients they are serving.

We accredit independent practitioners and in-house practitioners.

Map Certification Accreditation

Only Certified Practitioners are licensed to obtain, administer, and interpret Motivational Map® assessment tool for Individuals and Organizations.

Featured Practitioner

Lucy Ellen Kanary

It is with great pleasure that we recognize one of our graduates, Lucy Ellen Kanary, Licensed Practitioner (LP) of Motivational Maps®.

Engineering, corporate development, and academia have been a common thread throughout her professional journey. Lucy Ellen has over 30 years of experience working with the public and private sector and offers rare insight into workforce and technology development from corporate, community, education, and industry sector vantage points.

She is a champion of change and is comfortable navigating in ever-changing, multi-stakeholder environments such as start-up ecosystems, higher education, and industry-driven training institutions. Lucy Ellen has undergraduate and graduate degrees in Engineering and is a Certified Integral Associate CoachTM.

Go Lucy!

Phone: (705)760-4502 l Email: lkanary@gmail.comLinkedIn 



  • We bring our clients proven innovative and positively disruptive tools, services and strategies to keep your business going and growing in a fast-changing world.


  • Licensed Motivational Map® Practitioner Certification, magnify your powers to captivate new clients, accelerate income, and x-ray vision for client’s success triggers. (learn more)


  • Certified Enterprise Engagement Practitioner (CEP), Enterprise Engagement Alliance
  • Motivational Maps® Business Senior Practitioner, Motivational Maps® Ltd.
  • Certified Neuro Linguistic Practitioner (NLP), Association for Integrative Psychology, Inc.
  • Health Coach, Health Coach Institute
  • Financial Divorce Specialist (FDS), Academy of Financial Divorce Specialists

Business Practitioner

Akeela Davis

President, Founder of Courageous Business Culture l Employee Engagement & Culture Strategy Consultant 

Akeela is 1 of 6 most highly trained Motivational Map® practitioners in the world. She is the Foremost Motivational Map® Expert in North America.

“We support businesses navigating the future of work – traditional, hybrid, and remote workplaces – to thrive and grow. 

My philosophy is live your values. Help, not harm others. Explore your passions and enjoy where they take you” 

Akeela assists organizations to not only engage people, but to find their best path to success within the organization. A key differentiator is one of their tools, Motivational Maps® (MM). It enlightens and empowers users. It reports (avg 95% accuracy) on what is going on at a mostly unconscious level. It provides remarkable, non judgemental insights for individuals, teams and organizations. ASK for a Demo.

Organizations working with Akeela gets access to this unique tool, their MM expertise, merged with our extensive business experience, and the thought leadership inherent in the ability to recognize and exploit future trends. This positions them to be impactful to their clients, in achieving their objectives.

They click working with Decision Makers of growing small to midsize enterprises, especially in the Energy and Technology industries. 

The pace of change in these industries demand accurate, fast data and innovative solutions. Likewise, with companies expanding into new countries, as they too are in growth mode. They fit with organizations and decision makers who value using proven frameworks and processes.

The vision for her company Courageous Business Culture: A better, happier world where Individuals, Teams and Organizations are working with their motivations to achieve their own potential; performing at a level they find fulfilling and producing results that will benefit others, as well as themselves.

She enjoys reading, travelling, spending time with family and friends, as well as speaking and volunteering as a mentor for organizations such as Women in Leadership, Women in Cloud, Forum for Women’s Entrepreneurs, and Women in Tech.


What Her Clients Are Saying

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Akeela is a well rounded and excellent business coach. Her unique system of processes for running a business bring great results quickly. She is a person of high integrity, consistent and reliable in her performance. I recommend her highly.

~ Annelie Shultz, Stress Management & Wellness Coach l Psychotherapist l Trauma Work l Stress Management Speaker

Akeela is knowledgeable and have a lot to offer. She is a beautiful person and she truly cares about those she works with.

~ Niloufar Zavareh, Quality & Continuous Improvement Leader & Mentor

Akeela was my trainer and mentor as a Motivational Map® Practitioner. Her depth of knowledge was amazing and she continues to provide amazing ongoing support.

~ Robyn McTague, Motivational Map® Licensed Practitioner l Master Holistic Healer l A Life of Choice

“Akeela is an excellent teacher and leader. She puts time and effort into everything she does and her main focus is seeing you succeed. Akeela is always there to support and guide. Her knowledge with Motivational Mapping® gives her an edge that very few business coaches have. I highly recommend working with Akeela. ” 

~ Cheryl Campbell CFP, Regional Owner Southwestern and Central Ontario at HAYSTAX Financial Inc.

Akeela is a leader and mentor in the true sense of the word. She knows her craft and is willing to take the time to ensure everyone on her team is successful. I have loved working with her. Akeela is excellent at increasing motivation, challenging her team, and finding solutions that work!

~ Christopher Lawrence, Award Winning Life Coach l Career Clarity l Life Leadership l Author l Award Winning Networker

I would like to give a shout out to, and recommend Akeela Davis and her company, Courageous Business Culture. My business partner Al Hannigan and I had Akeela consult with us.

She used her Motivational Maps® assessment for each partner, and the process was very insightful and spot on. Akeela got to the real root of our individual motivations strengthened our business partnership. We now have a smoother running business, and have become better business partners. Knowing how to play off of, and do more of what motivates us, allows us to move forward far easier. We reference our Motivational Map® assessments as we each work the areas of the business that we are best at.

We continue to work with Akeela Davis as we grow our business and will continue to consult with her going forward. Many times we are too close to what we are working on, and having another viewpoint makes a real difference. Getting Akeela’s insights, as an outsider looking in, has been very helpful. 

~ John Stiles, Brand Marketing l Customer Acquisition l SEO Marketing Consultant

I have been working closely with Akeela over the last 3 months and have found her to be an amazing person. In particular I am impressed by her grasp of business issues and strategy, by her openness and flexibility, by her relentless levels of high motivation, by her honesty and straightforwardness – her integrity in fact – and by her genuine desire to serve and help regardless of personal advantage. Thus, I have no difficulty at all in recommending her to other companies – she can make a big difference – and to other coaches: Akeela can seriously help you develop and grow your business.

~ James Sale, Creator of Motivational Maps® l Author l Poet & Feature Writer at the Epoch Times



  • Help women just like you, create clarity and live a fulfilled life while making a difference in the lives of others.


  • Money Talks Coaching Services
  • 28 Days to Finanical Peace of Mind Online Workshop
  • Motivational Map® Services


  • Licensed Practitioner, you will walk away with a concrete plan for growing your business plus new tools to add that will help you capitalize on the clients you have and keep them longer. (learn more)
  • Wellness Program for Companies, Cheryl’s wellness programs are tailored to your individual needs. Capitalize on your employees strengths, empowering and motivating them. (learn more)
  • Collaboration Programs, Are you looking to generate mor revenue in your company? Let’s work together! (learn more)

Licensed Practitioner

Cheryl Campbell

Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist, Certified Money Coach, Regional Owner Southwestern and Cetnral Ontario at HAYSTAX Financial Inc.

As a coach and Motivational Map® practitioner, Cheryl offers coaching solutions to help you harness the power of your motivation to create real results and live a fulfilled life.

“Is your passion to help others live their best life? Being of service and helping others to get what they want and need is the way to success. One of the things I learned is that everyone has a love-hate relationship with money at some point in their lives. however, money does not have to be an obstacle for you to live the live of your dreams. It is time to stop chasing money and discover what you are really motivated by.” 

Chery has over a decade of experience working in the financial services industry. She began as a mortgage agent, helping people to purchase and pay off their greatest asset, and as time went on, she discovered that there was so much more that she could offer people. 

Her process is geared towards you as an individual, and may begin with discovering the psychological aspects of your money behaviours, or with Motivational Mapping® to understand where your heart truly lies. The end result is a plan to live an abundant life, however that looks for you. 

Her emphasis is on helping others, like herself, get out of the rut of living other people’s lives and truly start living the life that they were meant to live.

Cheryl is now a Certified Financial Planner, a Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist, and a Certified Money Coach.

As your coach, she will help you clarify your current situation and find new solutions to break through the limitations that are holding you back, transform your frustration into motivation that will change your impossible goals into achievable goals, examine ways to find balance and create a plan of action to life the life of your dreams, develp stronger, healthier relationships, achieve greate personal and professional success and dsicover new tools to help you stay focused on living a richer, fuller life.

She will help you create clarity so that you can take control of your life, and have the success you deserve. When you get clear about your heart’s desire, you’ll connect with you passion and begin harnessing the power of your motivation to start living the life you want to live!


What Her Clients Are Saying

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The Motivational Map® with Cheryl was a very accurate picture of what motivates me at this time of my life. I believe the Cluster Analysis was bang on for the creative change I want to experience. The motivators that I score low in provide a good reminder for what would bring more balance into my life. Thank you, Cheryl, for this detailed and authentic view.

~ Wanda Davis, Motivational Speaker & Personal Growth Alchemist, Helping You Get Unstuck to Create More Ease

“I wanted to offer a recommendation for Cheryl; she’s a wonderful woman with so much wisdom to offer her clients. I especially enjoyed the Motivational Maps®. I believe our minds are integral to what we are and do. If we think positively, with strength and belief….we can do much for ourselves and others.

The Motivational Mapping® taught me much about myself, reinforced other items and really got me thinking. Offered me more direction about what I hope to achieve and anchored me. What surprised me at one point was I “thought” I disagreed with some of the items offered about myself. However…when we dug deeper into each category; each item, it became clear not only was the mapping bang on…but taught me things about myself I’d not considered.

Cheryl was helpful, easy to talk to…and at no time did I feel rushed. We went through each item and she ensured I was both happy and clear with each point before we moved on.

This is a great tool to help focus and to help you move in the direction you are meant to be moving. I feel this is a great exercise for one person; or an Organization wishing to offer it to their Employees,

~ Carolyn Martyn, Health, Wellness & Confidence Coach l Speaker l Founder, Bring It Conferences for Youth

“I was fortunate enough to take The Motivational Map® with Cheryl. It was incredible how it was able to accurately pinpoint what motivates me at this time in my life. Cheryl was also kind enough to take some time and review it with me, this helped me further understand the assessment.

I believe the Cluster Analysis depicted exactly what I am experiencing at the current moment with my career.

The motivator that I scored the lowest in provides me a good indicator of what would I do not want to focus on, meaning although it was my lowest score, it was there for a reason. Thank you so much Cheryl, for providing me this insight with such a detailed view.” 

~ Angie Grimes, Strategic eCommerce Marketplace Consulting l Transfomational Coach, Guiding Highly Driven Intellectuals by Bridging the Logical Mind to Intuitive Genius

“Cheryl has helped me overcome some serious money blocks. By looking at my money history I have narrowed down where in my life some negative money mindsets have come into play. By pinpointing these moments I have the ability to overcome them and become more than a series of life events. I have been able to decide what my mindset going forward will be, which has opened me up to so much financial potential and freedom!

~ Tasha Shields, Research Manager at Well Living House

Cheryl’s business experience, leadership, and foresight are exceptional. Haystax is thrilled to be joining forces with Cheryl in South Western and Central Ontario to change the mortgage landscape.

~ Paul Therien, Founder, President & CEO Haystax Financial Inc. Group of Companies

“I Know Cheryl Campbell because she is my insurance adviser and much more! She is honest trustworthy and very knowledgeable! I highly recommend this well-educated, hard-working young woman to anyone!

If you need financial advice or insurance or getting into your dream home, she is the best one to call! Beata Bloemen CEO of Beamar Beauty Studio & Academy

~ Bea Bloemen, Bold brow Artist by Phibrows

  • Leadership & Executive Coaching.
  • Career Coaching & Mentoring.
  • Change & New Initiatives Mentoring & Coaching.
  • Strategic Planning.
  • Talent Management.
  • Spirituality & Leadership.
  • Public Speaking (e.g. transitions, transformation & change)

Licensed Practitioner

Suzanne Drouin


Suzanne is excited to be adding the Motivational Maps® Assessment to the coaching resources she offers her clients to support their personal & professional development journey.

I bring to my coaching a rich life experience and a combination of executive-level leadership in Canadian post-secondary education, government, health, non-profit and international development; graduate studies in public administration; rigorous training as a certified integral master coach and full fluency in French and English.

My approach to coaching is one in which I meet you where you are at, raise your level of awareness and gently guide you in a process of self-discovery in which you gain new insights and skills to achieve your peak performance.”

Suzanne is a bilingual executive and leadership coach based in the National Capital Region with a record of excellence as a senior leader in the Canadian post-secondary education sector and abroad.

Suzanne works with Managers and Senior Leaders who want to grow and change aspects of how they work in order to reach their peak performance. Executives who want to sharpen their edge. MBA students and graduates and those aspiring to senior management positions who want to be more able to model a a leadership style which reflects a deepened sense of awareness, presence, connection and compassion for self and others.

Leaders often encounter challenges that become opportunities to look deeply at themselves, tap new resources, and refocus their energies. This process can bring them closer to realizing their full potential, but it can be a solitary journey. Through individual and/or team coaching, you can surpass your limits, maximize your talents and add even more value, sooner than you might have on your own. An integral coaching approach will empower you to develop leadership “muscles” to respond more creatively to professional issues. Along the way, you will also be more likely to find opportunities to benefit from a more healthy and balanced life.


What Her Clients Are Saying

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Suzanne is a skilled coach who has struck a perfect balance of offering a gentle approach and powerful practices for her clients. She had a vast amount of experience to offer and uses tools that promote a deeper self-awareness for her client. Her commitment to each session and the time she puts in creating custom follow-up practices and resource recommendations makes for a very rigorous and focused program. Anyone who is fortunate enough to work with Suzanne will quickly see her strength as a coach and her passion for supporting the success of others.

~ Melissa Salvatore, Director, Total Rewards & Wellness at Export Development Canada l Exportation et développement Canada – EDC

  • Management.
  • Training & Development.
  • Process Improvement & Redesign.
  • Updating/Developing Policies & Procedures.
  • Healthcare Compliance.
  • EHR.
  • Project/Program Management.

Licensed Practitioner

Gail Gall

MS, MA, RHIA, LMFT, BSN, RN, CHC, Owner at Gail Gall Healthcare Consulting

Gail has extensive experience in providing leadership and oversight for project/program management, strategic business planning and process redesign initiatives for the healthcare industry.

“I am experienced with leading teams/managing staff and daily operations, training and development.

I also enjoy building rapport with colleagues, staff and senior leadership.” 

The scope of work performed by Gail Gall Healthcare Consulting includes a broad range of services to help healthcare organizations run efficiently.

Some of the services that are offered are: interim leadership, project management, review and development of policies and procedures plus regulatory compliance and staff training.

Work is performed in a variety of settings, such as, hospitals, outpatient clinics, home health agencies, skilled nursing facilities, and mental health agencies.


What Her Clients Are Saying

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Gail is a delight to work with and a great team player! She was able to effectively use her experience and expertise in helping Blue Shield build HMO provider network for CalPERS (the largest healthcare purchaser in the state of California). Gail did a tremendous job of navigating the complexities of the California Department of Managed Healthcare by being very knowledgeable about the many legal and regulatory requirements. She is a true leader with both administrative as well as clinical insight.

~ Andrea Brown, Healthcare Consultant 

“Gail is a cogent thinker, a team leader, and most importantly, an insightful, reflective, compassionate individual. She has impeccable ethics, is committed and dedicated to her chosen profession, and represents the best in our profession — high standards, commitment to serve those who are in need, and ongoing development of self. I recommend her without reservation.” 

~ Mary L Flett PhD, Executive Director at Center for Aging & Values

Gail did an execptional job in her role at the Kaiser Northern California regional offices. She consistently demonstrated a stong work ethic, commitment to quality on-time deliverables and a team oriented attitude. It was a pleasure woking with Gail, and she will be an asset to any organization or client she works with.” 

~ Mike Autin, MA, RHIA


Through her consulting company, Proforem, Marie-France provides:

  • Group Facilitation & Coaching Services with a focus on strategic planning, collaborative work and life transitions.

In a former life, she worked as a:

  • Senior Policy Analyst & Manager with the Ontario government and other public sector organizations in the fields of health and education.

Phone: (416)427-7458


LinkedIn l Website l Genuine Contact

Licensed Practitioner

Marie-France LeFort

Directrice et Experte-Conseil Principale/Coach, Owner & Principal at Proforem

As a coach and Motivational Map® practitioner, Marie-France serves individuals and teams transitioning through important changes.  

“When people identify their motivations, they gain clarity on what will provide them energy to name and achieve their goals with purpose.

Teams can leverage their shared motivations to boost engagement and learn to tap into different motivational energies for improved decision-making and performance.” 

Marie-France also provides group facilitation, training, and coaching services in both English and French through her company, Proforem. Her long experience with helping groups develop strategic plans naturally led her to individual strategic planning with her coaching clients.  Motivational Maps® is the perfect tool to gain clarity on your top motivations as you clarify objectives and chart a course towards your preferred future.

Marie-France is accredited and licensed for the effective use of Motivational Maps® when working with individuals and couples, and teams.  She is trained in a variety of facilitation approaches, including Open Space Technology and Whole Person Process Facilitation (Genuine ContactTM).  She has been a certified Genuine Contact© trainer since 2012 and completed coaching training with the Newfield Network US in 2015.  She is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the ICF Toronto Chapter.

Marie-France holds a bachelor’s degree in social sciences from the Université de Moncton in New-Brunswick and a master’s degree in political science from the Université du Québec à Montréal. 


What Her Clients Are Saying

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“You did a fantastic job at explaining the results and how to use that information for the benefits of each person and the whole team. (…) I really wish I could have had access to this over 11 years ago when we expanded our business – it would have helped our employees as well as us to do a much better job at understanding, helping, guiding and motivating them.”

~ D. McLaren, Program Director and Founder, Healthy You Naturally

“Thank you for your explanations that enabled me to better understand my results and to put certain elements in perspective.  Very nice tool.  I love its simplicity and accuracy.” 

~ I.Déry, IDEntrepreneurship



  • When people become comfortable with networking, and learning how to connect ‘on the spot’ true relationships are formed, and the pressure of performing or making an impression is reduced. They become genuinely interested in each other and willing to help one another succeed. This builds community organically, and collaborative partnerships are formed, where everyone wins!


  • Presented at Toronto Entrepreneurs’ Conference, International Networking Day Events and several organizational and entrepreneurial groups’ events


  • Co-authored in Ronnie Swais’s published book on: Thought Leaders, Visionaries & Influencers


  • Coach entrepreneurs individually and in groups on “The Ultimate Guide to Networking in 7 Steps” and “How to simplify your Workday with the 7-step CFA Program”.


  • Deliver workshops & coordinate events on various topics related to Networking and Connecting with Hearts in Business, and Blind Connecting Business Partnerships for Collaborative Projects.

Phone: (416) 419-2531


LinkedIn l  Website 

Licensed Practitioner

Rosa Lokaisingh

Business Connector & Matchmaker, Networking Expert, Town Hall Gathering of Hearts & Minds in Business, Conscious Changemakers

Matching Business Owners with Partners who Align with Your Vision & Values for Accelerating Growth & Revenue. Online Networking. 

“Would you like help defining “the gold” in your existing network?

Do you want to expand your network in the right way, to achieve a lot more success and expend a lot less time, energy, effort, and money?

For the past 20 years, I have been known as a Connector, teaching networking skills, and bringing people together with synergies.

I will help you get clarity on who are your best connections for collaborative partnerships to expand your business vision.

Ask me about my Mastermind with the Right Connections for your business at the ‘Town Hall Gathering of Hearts & Minds in Business’, which is held twice-monthly online.’” 

Rosa personally develops deep connections in the Business Communities! Helping entrepreneurs transform their Network into their Net Worth! She has the ability to identify unique trailblazer entrepreneurs that are already successful and connect them with business owners who want to double or triple their income and expand their reach. 

She delivers Networking Workshops and Events where they teach Networking skills to entrepreneurs, small to medium-sized businesses (SME’s), professionals, and students. Participants develop techniques that make networking easy and fun, enabling them to form real connections and build partnerships that result in long-term relationships and win-win outcomes for the business community. 

Her program has been successful at shifting paradigms and looking at the value of connecting people to each other for increasing human interaction and social capital. Some companies that benefited are financial institutions with teams of financial advisors, as well as executives, entrepreneurs and professionals in transition.

She also does career coaching for adult professionals and students on a one-on-one workshop setting.


What Her Clients Are Saying

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Driven Leadership

“I attended Rosa’s Mastermind Connecting YOU LIVE in January 2020, where I got to witness her magic as she led our group with her passionately driven leadership . She brought together a group of entrepreneurs and matched us up with people with similar values and business goals where we shared and also learned from one another. I am continuing to work with Rosa one on one as she is guiding and leading me down a wonderful path of discovery where she is helping me bring forth the strong , clear and concise part of me which is creating more awareness in myself of how important our own unique communication style can lead to even more beautiful wonderful heartfelt connections.

~ Melissa Downard

Golden Sunshine in the World of Networking

“It was my pleasure to attend the “Creating your Networking Strategy for YOUR Success” workshop. Rosa is a ray of golden sunshine in the world of networking! Within the first 30 minutes I had a eureka moment that made my heart sing! Her approach to refacing the way we connect is brilliant, her techniques are mindblowingly simple and her strategies are brilliant. I can’t wait for part 2!!” 

~ Amy

“Rosa has a knack for getting people feeling comfortable and safe to open up and share from their hearts, individually or in a group” 

“Rosa is a natural connector, and she does it with such ease” 

“Rosa really knows how to match people up to form the best partnerships to mastermind and collaborate with for growth, visibility and expanding possibilities.” 


Licenses & Certifications

  • Ken Blanchard on Servant Leadership.
  • MMP – Motivational Map®
  • ITIL Foundations.

Licensed Practitioner

Afaun Mandol

Director – Document Processing at Doxim

Afaun works with people to distribute Motivational Maps® and analyze the results helping them find not only what motivates them, but how motivated they are in their current role. With that learning, they then focus on ways to increase and sustain those motivation levels.

“I want to help people and companies succeed.

I need to make a difference in whatever I am doing at work. I am creative in my approach and I am ready to take on responsibility and collaborate with the team to solve challenges.

There are 3 areas that I excel in – Collaboration, Process Design and Customer Service. Whiel I am now in the IT industry, I beleive these skills are transferable to any industry.”

Afaun’s extensive management training allows him to collaborate effectively with people at various levels of the organization. It has also granted him the experience of looking at process improvement and optimization from multiple levels – top down and bottom up.

He enjoys working with all parties involved to document and rework processes to make them efficient and realistic – demonstrating how change can make things better for everyone involved.

Afaun takes time to understand what clients are trying to achieve. It allows him and his team the opportunity to exceed expectations by being creative and innovative in their solutions while ensuring they are leveraging all available resources. In his 15+ years of experience, this is what he believes drives exceptional customer service.


What His Clients Are Saying

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  • To assist others in their healing journeys in a safe, practical, and gentle way.

Robyn has been involved in multiple best-selling books

  • “Your Shift Matters”
  • “Live Your Passion”
  • “Are YOU the Missing Piece?”
  • “While We Were SILENT”
  • “Confidence Secrets”


  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, SFU
  • Certified Dream Coach, Dream University®
  • Level 1 Teacher, Training in Power Academy of Meditation and Healing®
  • Certified Motivational Maps Practitioner, Motivational Maps
  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefing, Justice Institute of British Columbia
  • EIP Elimination Practitioner – trained by Margaret Ruby, Energy Interface Patterns of DNA (EIP)
  • Conflict Resolution Certificate, Justice Institute of British Columbia.
  • Reiki Master.
  • Callahan Technique® Practitioner, Thought Field Therapy® (TFT)
  • Counseling Skills Certificate, Vancouver Community College

Phone: (604) 644-0017


LinkedIn l Website l Book Appointment

Licensed Practitioner

Robyn McTague

Master Holistic Healer, Dream Coach, Owner at A Life of Choice

Robyn works with small business owners who are experiencing low morale, employee tensions, absenteeism or high turnover.

I begin working with clients using 2 unique systems as the beginning framework for gaining clarity and understand what is important to you.

If you don’t know what is important and in alignment with yourself then life will be chaotic and you may procrastinate and stay in overwhelm, not sure what direction to take. Or it may show up as feeling pulled in different directions, not starting at all, or starting things and never completing them.”

Using the Enneagram Robyn gets to the core of your personality type.

You now have a lens into lifelong patterns that has kept you from experiencing wholeness and fulfilling your full potential.

Your blind spots can keep you stuck in those patterns. This creates self-awareness of both yourself and others, and results in ongoing opportunities for growth, connection and understanding. We all want to be seen and heard.

With the Motivational Map process, Robyn brings visibility to the invisible motivators that drive your behaviors and actions.

Robyn’s years of experience in the corporate world, coupled with her education and her passion for lifelong learning allows her to bring a number of unique tools to identify both your team and individual motivators.

Employees benefit with more energy and enthusiasm for their, job, team and company. In other words they are more engaged. 

Business benefits from increased productivity, performance and profit.

Motivation is dynamic and changes over time. This gives you clarity and awareness to move towards what matters most to you, and take back your power to do what is in alignment for you.

When you are in alignment with your motivators you have more energy to get it done!

One of her other passions is teaching metaphysics to adults and children through meditation. She loves the effects of the vibrational shift in energy and perspective to have them find their own answers within. 

Nature restores Robyn. She loves walking, hiking and taking pictures of nature. (i.e. flowers, animals, and beautiful scenery.)


What Her Clients Are Saying

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“I want to thank you for the recent Motivational Map assessment and feedback session.  I found both to useful and illuminating in terms of giving a sense of direction in terms of the next steps to take in my personal and professional life.

I have recommended Motivational Map to several of my friends and colleagues.”

I found Robyn’s ennegram and motivational maps process extremely helpful in helping me understand why I get stuck again and again and learn my internal motivations for why I do what I do. I feel more confident, aligned and empowered to make decisions in my life.

“I went through Robyn McTague’s program of using the Enneagram and Motivational Map. I thought the results were accurate and it gave me a better understanding of what type of work is a natural fit for me and why. I can spend my life searching for the answers. These tools helped to find the answers faster so we can live life on purpose and in harmony with those around us.”

“I found a lot of value in the program and I would recommend it to others because I feel it made me more aware of the different aspects of my personality. In terms of the program set up, I really liked how you went over the results in more depth and recorded it for me so that I can listen to it whenever I want. The program was also useful for helping me find better ways to set goals and not beat myself up for looking into the past and wanting to make close relationships with people around me but also realizing that circumstance don’t always allow that. For example, I set a goal for myself to ask some people in my new nursing group if they want to meet one night for a drop in line dancing class which involves my relationships side and my desire to learn new things side. I also make sure to go for a walk four times a week to take some time away from school. Honestly sometimes when I am having a bad day I think it is nice to look back at the results of the motivational map and realize whatever I am feeling that might be related to the fact that I am someone who is very strongly tied to the past and strong relationships or that I am someone who likes to learn new things maybe I am not meeting those right now but I am aware that I can find a way to meet those motivations and it might make me feel more encouraged.”



  • 52 WEEK SUCCESS PLAN: Life Changing Principles for Greater Wealth, Happiness, and Health that you can learn in 5 minutes or less. #1 Best Seller (learn more)


  • FUEL put yourself in the driver’s seat – The Master Class for doctors to get back in the driver’s seat of your practice. (learn more)

Dr. Rademaker’s various platforms:

  • Tap into your own authentic genius and live the life you desire.
  • Make wellness a must and accessible to all.
  • The future of medicine is in you – tap into the brain intelligence, the body intelligence, and the energy intelligence that is around you
  • Real people and real conversations – let us learn from all the voices so that we may discover our true identity and independence and live in a generative world together.

Phone: (813)884-0160


LinkedIn l Twitter l Facebook l YouTube l Website

Licensed Practitioner

Dr. Bart Rademaker MD

Plastic, Reconstructive & Regenerative Medicine Surgeon, Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize, Regenerative Medicine Training

Dr. Rademaker can show you how to harness the power of regenerative medicine to fuel your success. The future of medicine is in you.

I grew up in five different countries, speak four different languages and trained for seventeen years in some of the best institutions on two different continents. My work has always focused on addressing the challenges and pain points of life and in medicine and deliver solutions for change. For me, it’s about helping others achieve their personal success in life, business, health and wellbeing: that’s my emotional currency. I thus found myself uniquely positioned as a plastic, reconstructive and regenerative medicine surgeon, trained at one of the top coaching programs on the planet, and have the equivalent of a masters in integrated energy healing. I change lives through surgery, regenerative medicine, coaching or energy work. My clients run the full gamut from teenagers, young adults, parents, celebrities and billionaires.

I believe that it is our responsibility to approach medicine and healing in a new way and my two core beliefs are “the need to harness the potential of the body to restore form and function” and “to make wellness a must and accessible to all.” With this vision I set out to create two platforms to create a space for strategic generative collaboration and tap into the collective wisdom of people like you.” Additionally, to help people navigate the field of regenerative medicine with confidence and integrity.”

Dr. Rademaker is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon and is a major advocate for wellness and complementary alternative medicine. In addition, he is trained in integrated energy healing, an ambassador for autologous stem cell therapy, and a thought leader in belief medicine. Dr. Rademaker uses his vast knowledge to not only help patients but physicians as well – having developed numerous courses specifically designed to help physicians take back control of their practices in the uncertainty of today’s healthcare environment.

His background crosses  continents, cultures and disciplines. Living in five different countries and speaking four different languages, his perspective and approach on life is multidimensional, understanding that the artistry of our own life and our world must be viewed in the same way. 

He states “the future of medicine is in you” and you can tap into that intelligence that creates health and wellness. His conversation includes our brain intelligence, our body intelligence and our energy intelligence.

As a humanitarian, and nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for work in El Salvador, he believes that we must also preserve and respect the indigenous cultures worldwide – for their wisdom and rights to live their own way.

There are many giants in this world and we can learn from them. Dr. Rademaker’s vision and purpose are to share this intelligence as best as he can using different platforms including this book “52 WEEKS SUCCESS PLAN” and inviting as many others to be part of the conversation. Dr. Rademaker is an emerging leader to bring out the conversation we all must have to be generative in support to our personal wellbeing and that of the entire world.


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As a Business Growth Consultant, Brian’s forte is:

  • Helping people enjoy exceptional levels of energy and wellness. (learn more)


  • Somatic Coaching Certification Expert holistic methods developed by therapists for everyone to use. (learn more)

Phone: (518)534-3903


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Licensed Practitioner

Brian Trzaskos

President at NEW Health Inc.

The Leading Experts At Creating Sustainable Employee Wellness, Stress Reduction, Resiliency & Motivation.

“A whole NEW research-backed way to experience sustainable motivation!

Are you de-motivating your best people? Or worse, watching them walk out the door?

Are you tired of spending money on team members who complain, under perform or frustrate everyone around them?

And are you tired of one-size-fits-all leadership development, employee engagement and culture change initiatives that fail to make any measurable difference?

Here’s the thing. Everything you’ve been told about how to get the best from your people is wrong. It’s not the carrot. It’s not the stick.

There are a unique set of motivators that are driving each of your employee’s actions, decisions, attitudes and level of effort.

And until you know what those are, you’ll never unlock the true potential of your people — nor the full value of the investment you’re making in your workforce.”

In addition to being the sought-after expert CEOs and executives call when their energy is depleted or their backs go out, Brian has trained some of the most cutting-edge rehabilitation practitioners around the world in the methods he has developed and been providing his clients for over 20 years.

Brian is the creator of Rehabilitative Qigong and Tai Chi as well as the co-creator of Sensation-Based Motivation Coaching.


What His Clients Are Saying

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“Our sales team felt using the Motivational Maps® as a tool to gain more information about our ideal clients was a tremendous insight we would not have been able to aggregate on our own. We have already looked at changing the types of questions we ask in our initial discovery. We have used the insights in our copy and we have changed how we approach sales conversations and key points we discuss. It has also helped us ask different questions to confirm the primary motivators of our prospects. I highly recommend going through the process.”

~ Mary Dombrowski, Head of Sales, Director of Business Development, The Corporate Agent

“Brian’s interpretation of the Motivational Mapping® results was surprisingly eye-opening. I’ve done a lot of personal development work and taken a lot of assessments, but Brian was able to [use these results to] provide a new perspective on challenges in my business AND show effective ways to navigate around them. Such a worthwhile experience – I plan to use Brian and this [tool] [assessment] in my own consulting work.”

~ Nancy Jonker PHD

“Having my Motivational Map® done was hugely validating for me and I was able to immediately apply the information within 24 hours to successfully book a client at my highest asking rate yet!”

~ Jay Pryor, CEO, Jay Pryor Coaching

“To say Motivational Maps® are a necessity is an understatement! It was the most welcome knowledge I didn’t know I needed. It changes how I look at my interactions with the world and how I perform day to day tasks. When I started learning about things like what takes up my energy and what gives me energy, I started to become more productive because I know how to best use my time, in the office and at home. If you do only one thing today, make an appointment to have a Motivational Map® done! It will change your life, I promise!”

~ Samantha Farina, CEO, TOTLbill




    Licensed Practitioner

    Lucy Ellen Kanary

    Ph.D., P.Eng. 

    Lucy Ellen has undergraduate and graduate degrees in Engineering and is a Certified Integral Associate CoachTM.

    Lucy Ellen has over 30 years of experience working with the public and private sector and offers rare insight into workforce and technology development from the corporate, community, education, and industry sector vantage points

    She is a champion of change and is comfortable navigating in ever-changing, multi-stakeholder environments such as start-up ecosystems, higher education, and industry-driven training institutions.

    Engineering, corporate development, and academia have been a common thread throughout her professional journey.


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    • Licensed Real Estate Broker



      Sherry Kittle

      Licensed Real Estate Broker at Windermere Van Vleet Jacksonville

      As a Motivational Mapper® in training , Sherry…  





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      • Canadian Securities Course.


      • Mobile Investment Consultant (CIBC)
      • Kinesiologist



        Evan Snow

        Mobile Investment Consultant at CIBC

        As a Motivational Mapper® in training , Evan…  





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