Maps Certification

An Innovative Assesment

As the premiere North Ameican trainer, not only have we optimized our training materials, examples, documents, language, and approach, to be consistent with the Canadian and US expectations; we have added a supervised practicum to ensure confidence and professionalism when graduated. 

The Motivational Map® assessment approach is different. It is an Affective assessment and it is able to quantify the motivation of individuals, teams, and organizations. It uses nine motivational dimensions as the base.  The result provides powerful and applicable insight rooted in feelings, emotions and the rational mind alike.


Licensed Practitioner Essentials Certification

This certifies the practioners to map for Individuals and is the foundation program. It is the perquisite for all certifications relating to Adult Motivational Maps®. The graduate practitioner has everything they need to capably interpret, and debrief Motivational Maps® in one-on-one situations.

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Licensed Practitioner Advanced Certification

This certifies the practioners to Map for groups and teams of any size. It allows practioners to support organizational needs for more efficient and effective operations and supports goals such as hire for retention, resolving team toxicity, improving, communications and performance, as well as facilitating cohesive diversity.

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Post Graduate Certifications

Post Graduate Certifications allows Practioners to work at a more senior level with organizations dealing with culture, change management and other organizational issues. 

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Certification Process

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