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An integrative & immersive 3.5-hr Instructor-Led Online Workshop.


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Knowing your motivation, strengths and weaknesses, and the direction you want to go in life is important in having a successful and fulfilling career.


Anyone answering “yes” to more than 2 of the following

Are you feeling micromanaged and disempowered?

Are you feeling trapped at work?

Do you feel disrespected in your job?

Is workplace stress a constant for you?

My Career by Design Workshop

Using full-brain assessments to combine your STRENGTHS + TALENTS + MOTIVATIONS = AWESOME CAREER

North Americans’ disengagement at work (to the tune of 66%) puts them at risk for physical, relationship, emotional and mental un-wellness.

Since not working is not an option for most people, the key to success is to find a career that is financially rewarding, emotionally fulfilling, and that makes you feel accomplished.

Akeela Davis, a veteran of changing careers herself (from Technology to Finance to Leadership & Business Consulting and Training), is a change agent with Courageous Business Culture. She supports organizations in renovating their culture, improving employee engagement, and creating economic value based on Economic Mutualism(click here to learn more).

Ask Akeela how her Motivations and Strengths led her in her career progression, each more satisfying than the last.


Akeela B. Davis


To educate and support organizations recognizing that Trust, Respect, and Conscious Engagement between Employers and Employees build that pathway for innovation and prosperity for both parties.

This workshop

 3.5 Hours Instructor-Led Online Workshop

✓ Pre-workshop: Full-brain assessments and diagnostics 

✓ Post-workshop:30-minute one-on-one coaching.

BONUS 1-Month unlimited access to a Virtual Reality (VR) Platform to practice interviewing skills, communication skills such as self-introductions, giving presentations, and so much more.

Note: (for more information, contact us by email)

1.) To assist those with cash flow issues, we offer 2 and 3 pay options.

2.) We offer 4 partial scholarships based on financial need to help four people who would like to attend the workshop.


Diamond Take-aways


◊ Your “WHY” behind your choices; your “WHAT” talents and strengths; your “HOW” these combine and reflect, in your behavior and how you may be perceived.

How to integrate your motivations, desires, and talents to focus your energy on finding and maintaining the career and life you love.

How to identify, respond, or avoid demotivators take advantage of what feeds your motivator to keep energized.

What you need to be, do, and have to rock your working world and build a satisfying life.

President, CEO

Akeela B. Davis

Akeela is the founder and President of Courageous Business Culture (CBC).

Motivation Specialist, Consultant, Author, Coach, Mentor, Facilitator, Speaker, and Transformative Corporate Trainer.