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What You Can Expect

Business Coaches & Consultants:
Use Motivation Maps to
Chart Each Employee’s Path
To Organizational Success

Motivational maps enables yours or your client’s organization to not only better engage people but find their best path to success within the organization, thereby increasing engagement and retention.

Coaches (Life, Career, etc.)

Use Motivational Maps to discover your clients unconscious motivators and conflicts.

Motivational Maps puts both you and your clients on the same page to help them gain clarity by understanding the source of confusion, conflict and procrastination which blocks them in achieving their goals.


About Us

COURAGEOUS BUSINESS CULTURE INC Is a key distributor and the premier accrediting body for Motivational Maps® in Canada and the US. We have achieved the high rank of Senior Practitioner which entails a direct working relationship with the Maps creator.

Map Certification Accreditation

Only Certified Practitioners are licensed to obtain, administer and interpret Motivational Map® assessment tool for Individuals and Organizations.

Map Practitioners

Map Practitioners are primarily those who are responsible for understanding/motivating others, such as coaches consultants, HR professionals, mentors, facilitators, mediators, advisors, and trainers. In-house Practitioners are employees of their organizations. Independent Practitioners (business owners or consulting company employees) provide their services to their target market.

Our Story

Have you ever wanted to do something bigger than yourself? To leave a legacy that, could impact lives of those who have never even heard your name?

That is the reason Courageous Business Culture Inc. exists, to make a positive difference in every life we connect with.

It is the culmination of a life’s work in Technology; Finance; Coaching and Consulting; Business Owner; Employee; the lifelong fascination with, and study of, what makes people do what they do; and the discovery of the Motivational Map Assessment.

Since aged 16, in my quest for knowledge, I have completed every assessment and quiz I ever encountered, and learned a lot about who I am. I know my IQ, EQ, Big 5, DISC profile, Myers Briggs, How People see me, my Colour, and so much more.

My Map results blew me away. It helped me to detect and understand that motivation is multi-dimensional, and I could explain, for the first time, the why of my decisions and behaviour. And I could see how I was holding myself back, unknowingly!

I started using it with coaching clients and the response was remarkable. It became quickly apparent that there was a huge appetite for this tool.

James Sale, the creator of the MAPS, a brilliant man, worked with me diligently to bring it to Canada and the US, first as an exclusive distributor, and now as a Senior Practitioner who has the privilege of working with him directly.

Our company has two divisions. CBCI Consulting deals with Consulting, Coaching and Training, specializing in Enterprise Engagement, with MAPS as a key tool.

The other division, CBCI Training, deals with accrediting practitioners, and licensing them to use Motivational MAPS in their independent businesses or as in-house employees.

We are committed to Enterprise Engagement, and as such, we are committed to helping our Channel Partners to be successful quickly.

We value transparency, integrity, flexibility, respect and innovation.

We are proud of our culture of connection, learning, trust and support

Coaches Feedback

Coaches Feedback

“As a career and life coach I have found it to be the best benchmark to measure clients progress, which can sometimes be difficult to show in a quantifiable way. I also use the maps as a lead generation tool which has been extremely beneficial in getting clients not only in the door but has increased my conversion rate to 50%.” Christopher Lawrence, CCP

CEO and Dream Job Matchmaker, Change My Life Coaching

“Growing a thriving business, client love the tool and unique insights I can now give. I feel very supported by Akeela and looking forward to adding to our team” Connie Cook

Corporate Coach, Communicating Wisely

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