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We help you “Uncover Your WHY” so that you can be more, have more, and do more

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Motivation has been a hot topic for many decades, if not centuries.

Motivation MAP® (MAP) definitely brings a fresh approach to identifying the “why” behind people’s decisions and behaviours and how motivational factors support or sabotage goals.

In short, it reveals and individual’s motivational makeup. It also provides similar, more complex diagnostic reports for groups such as teams, departments, and entire organizations.

In essence, it belongs in any professional toolkit for personal and organizational transformation.

Motivational MAP® (MAP) Certification

We provide Licenced Practitioners with world-class training on the tools and ongoing education and support for you to be THE ONE* who helps clients achieve their goals while doing more of what matters most to you – CHANGING LIVES!!

THE ONE* – Consultants, Coaches, Change Management Professionals, Counsellors and anyone responsible for helping others achieve goals.

About Motivational Maps®

How are Motivational Maps® different from other assessments?

Motivational Maps® differ from traditional achievement tests (psychometrics) because of the areas of the brain each access for information.

BRAIN Domains

About 98% of the world’s assessments inform mostly on the Thinking mode. (strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, and comprehension)

Tells people WHAT they can do and how well they can do it in comparison to others.

It answers people’s WHY and it shows them how much energy they are devoting to what they’re doing or will devote to what they’ve planned to do.

It does not compare you to anyone or group.

It’s non-judgemental.

Makes up 2% of other diagnostic tools informing on one or both domains.

How does MAP help clients?

It is like taking an x-ray of an individual’s, team’s, or organization’s (collective) subconscious.

It is a tool and method for measuring the subconscious mind to improve situations.

In a relationship, be it work, family, or any type of partnership or group, motivation impacts performance and satisfaction.

Get an annual mind x-ray to stay healthy!

Symptoms aka Behaviours

lack of clarity, procrastination, disinterest, goals not being met

Motivated People

driven to be, do, and have what they want.

FAQs on Motivational Maps®

  • Motivational Audit Profile.
  • Measures Motivation.
  • Based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Edgar Schein’s Career Anchors, the Enneagram, and other psychology research.
  • ISO 17065 Certified.
  • Delivered as a Report + Verbal Debrief.
  • Non-judgemental.
  • Businesses – to measure engagement, productivity, culture.
  • Coaches – awareness, identifies hidden conflicts and blocks.
  • Business Coaches – Succession planning, Team building.
  • Business Consultants – Change Management.
  • Marketers – Create avatar of ideal clients.
  • High-End Financial Advisors – Aligns investments with values.
  • Authors/Directors – flesh out characters.
  • Couples Therapists – to identify motivational conflicts.
  • Puts you and your client on the same page when it comes to what they need to accomplish their goals.
  • Enables you to stand out from the crowd.
  • More impactful for your clients.
  • Build your business.
  • Is a high-value tool.
  • Is very flexible in its use.
  • Is very individualized.
  • Is cutting edge.
  • Provides a big opportunity for coaches and consultants.
  • It informs on how we interact with and may be perceived by our external world.
  • It informs on our unconscious decision-making pattern.
  • It detects and informs on Motivational Sequence.
  • It reflects how our conscious feelings are a result on how our internal needs are being met.
  • It shows that people have more than one motivator.
  • Unlike traditional assessments, motivation changes with our age, stage, and life events. 

Over 35,000 people have rated their experience of Motivational Maps® as:

Studies have shown that people cannot self-identify what motivates them, with more than 50% accuracy.

After a Motivational Map® debrief, 95% of people have agreed that it really captured what they were thinking and feeling at that time.

Thoughts on Motivation

Did you know that “Motivation” is responsible for 60-70% of your unconscious decisions and actions?

Yet, it is one of the most misunderstood and misused word in the English language. Decisions are made on emotions and justified by logic. Only 5% are made consciously. If you are a coach, counselor, or advisor, it underscores everything from your client’s decision to hire you, to their ability to achieve their goals.

We believe it is arguably, the most influential element of personal and professional development – even though most people don’t understand it, and are under the illusion that they do.

Are you interested in learning more about “MOTIVATION”??

Below are 3 brief videos that clearly explains WHAT motivation is, WHERE it comes from, and HOW it shapes lives.

Part 1

What is Motivation?

Part 2

Where does Motivation come from?

Part 3

How Motivation shapes lives.

“Motivation is the invisible chauffer of our lives, without us even knowing we are being taken for a ride…”

~ Akeela B. Davis ~

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A key differentiator is one of our tools, Motivational Maps® (MM).

It enlightens and empowers users. It reports (avg 95% accuracy) on what is going on at a mostly unconscious level. It provides remarkable, non-judgmental insights for individuals, teams and organizations.

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