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FAQs on Motivational Maps®

Over 35,000 people have rated their experience of Motivational Maps® as:

Studies have shown that people cannot self-identify what motivates them, with more than 50% accuracy.

After a Motivational Map® debrief, 95% of people have agreed that it really captured what they were thinking and feeling at that time.

Thoughts on Motivation

Did you know that “Motivation” is responsible for 60-70% of your unconscious decisions and actions?

Yet, it is one of the most misunderstood and misused word in the English language. Decisions are made on emotions and justified by logic. Only 5% are made consciously. If you are a coach, counselor, or advisor, it underscores everything from your client’s decision to hire you, to their ability to achieve their goals.

We believe it is arguably, the most influential element of personal and professional development – even though most people don’t understand it, and are under the illusion that they do.

Are you interested in learning more about “MOTIVATION”??

Below are 3 brief videos that clearly explains WHAT motivation is, WHERE it comes from, and HOW it shapes lives.

Part 1

What is Motivation?

Part 2

Where does Motivation come from?

Part 3

How Motivation shapes lives.

“Motivation is the invisible chauffer of our lives, without us even knowing we are being taken for a ride…”

~ Akeela B. Davis ~

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A key differentiator is one of our tools, Motivational Maps® (MM).

It enlightens and empowers users. It reports (avg 95% accuracy) on what is going on at a mostly unconscious level. It provides remarkable, non-judgmental insights for individuals, teams and organizations.

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Akeela B. Davis

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